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General Update (+ Convergence 14 + the Summer of Death)

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

Okay, so I’ve drinken/dranken/drunken a bit of wine today (it’s therapeutic for me, I’ve found… and I’m becoming a regular wine snob: the darker the cab/merlot the better!) and got the impulse/feeling to write a little update, since I’m such a slacker. Well, I should rethink that; I’m not a slacker so much as I am dreadfully busy. Writing, traveling, ritualizing, DJing, etc., etc… in my teenage years, I would have never imagined that life could GET so wretched busy! But it’s not all in vain. One thing I pride myself on is constantly doing spiritual work—and that comes under the guise of so many things, from giving a Tarot reading to simply smiling to a random somebody I pass on the street. Indeed, every aspect of life is one grand spiritual working, so it only follows that everything we DO has a spiritual effect. (more…)