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A spell clipping from Planetary Spells & Rituals!

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

* Falling Façades: Removing the Masks You Wear * (Alignment: SOL)

Throughout our lives, we learn ways to cope with our experience. Sometimes these modi operandi are learned from others, but more often than not they are gained through our own successes and failures throughout life. In terms of daily operation, it would be silly to think that we all don’t—even to a slight or subconscious degree—alter our behavior depending on the people we’re interacting with in any given circumstance.
As a prime example, and one that certainly makes sense to readers, we naturally alter the words and descriptive depth we use when discussing our esoteric viewpoints with fellow practitioners, as opposed to discussing them with those completely unfamiliar with magick or earth-based spirituality. For one, those who are unfamiliar with our path, regardless of how open they are, simply won’t understand certain terminologies, ritual procedures, and so on. Instead, we then communicate with terms and concepts they comprehend. As another example, if a store manager was training an employee, they would use different terms, descriptions, and examples than they would if they were at a managerial meeting. The examples are endless, and this communicative adaptation is something we do regularly to one degree or another.
Depending on one’s routine, we all interact with a wide variety of people on a daily basis. Thus, (more…)