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Sustainability- Wave 2012!

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

I haven’t written a blog in quite some time, so here’s a little update of what’s been going on in my world!

I suppose I just don’t like looking at the computer screen — that’s part of the reason why I’m ten times more likely to respond to handwritten mail than emailed letters (note: PO Box 2666, Missoula, MT, 59806). This rose incense, burning on back the counter in my office, makes screen-staring a bit more palatable at the moment — I’ve been an incense freak since I became a Witch at 16! It’s impossible to avoid computer work, so my computer time is generally brief in the scope of things.

The new Temple Haus is amazing: 2.5 acres of property right outside of Missoula (which I think has now grown from a “big town” to a “small city”). An orchard, riverside, a proper library, a large ritual room, very little traffic… I’m blessed beyond measure.) The property was ‘cheap’ because it was such a major fixer-upper. (Luckily my dad knows some of the best local contractors available!) The OAO Temple Haus is located 5 miles outside of town is the perfect distance; I’m living with the Coven, and the events held at the Temple feel so much more special in this environment that’s not centered in a hub of activity. There’s something magickal about being surrounded by nature and by loving individuals — I love to be here and to share the space with others.

Myself, my Priestess, the Coven and the community have all been working extremely hard on creating the organic gardens (veggies are getting huge!) and working with the poultry (3 layer hens and 6 turkeys being raised for meat) — it feels ecstatic to be taking these steps toward sustainability; to dance so much more deeply with the tides of the land! Meanwhile, the OAO community continues to expand and people continue to express interest in spiritual training. Additionally, my Priestess and I continue to look for our third partner, our Oak King, to complete a spiritual and romantic Triad, and are excited to see what (or who) the future brings. Things generally feel “right” at the moment, and this sense of balance really has been a long time coming, with much magick and dedicated effort having been invested.

If a person puts their mind to it, life CAN get better and better every year. (A year-and-a-day is a full turning of the wheel that allows a person to experience a full cycle of Earth energy and apply it to their lives as they wish.) A person can refine their goals, their ethics and their values to fit a higher purpose — life will always be a struggle for everyone who lives one — dukkha is the nature of life, but the important thing is how we choose to respond, both inwardly and outwardly, to life’s twists and turns. I’m a believer in THELEMA / WILL: that everyone has a path they’re meant to walk in life. This path isn’t a single thing, but is included in every moment of reality. If a person’s Will is represented by a straight line, the path that most people walk is a series of waves around that line — the less waves, the more equilibrium, and the greater alignment to one’s own Thelema. If a person is happy and isn’t causing harm, that’s often the first indication that their Will is becoming more deeply aligned with. Of course, this is only one metaphysical philosophy; everyone should cultivate their own belief that fits their personal truth. Everyone is enlightened in different ways: spirituality isn’t a hierarchy, but an ever-dancing spectrum. I don’t believe that everything is perfect if a person is aligned with their Will, but that a general equanimity with life can be struck if one reevaluates their mental state and continues to work toward their goals, ideally for the greater good.

Continually questioning oneself, one’s views, and everything around oneself is essential to creating true individuality — but it should be done in lightheartedness! To quote a plaque I purchased a couple years ago, “Don’t take life too seriously: no one gets out alive.”

I haven’t written much book-wise for over a year; I’ve just been too busy with the move and all of the aforementioned goings-on! Though the book I’m currently writing (er, taking a break from writing) is over halfway written, I’m going to take it a bit more slowly than prior works, not rushing the material and not giving myself any self-imposed deadlines; maybe it’ll allow for a bit more trueness to the artistic process! I also hope to be able to travel more for book tours when that time eventually comes.

Toward my right, this big shelf of “books to read” continually summons my name — maybe it’s time that I reserved some days of the week to shut down the computer, turn off the phone, and do nothing but reading. Sounds nice to me! (Eventually I’ll do the same with emails.)

Oh; I also busy my time with regular Tarot readings (phone and in person) and a couple of “job-jobs,” which are also very rewarding! I’m also lucky enough to have taken the first steps to become a Freemason :) I’ve also quit my nicotine addiction (still smoking for pleasure on occasion, such as the pipe) and am currently in the midst of a 3-month fast from caffeine! So far so good… for the most part.

I must brainstorm more performance art pieces for the future — and then reserve the time for it. Time… is on my side… yes, it is. (I’ll just keep telling myself that.) Hence the comedies and tragedies of a Saturnal spiritual path..!


~ O.R.D.N. ~