A spell clipping from Planetary Spells & Rituals!

* Falling Façades: Removing the Masks You Wear * (Alignment: SOL)

Throughout our lives, we learn ways to cope with our experience. Sometimes these modi operandi are learned from others, but more often than not they are gained through our own successes and failures throughout life. In terms of daily operation, it would be silly to think that we all don’t—even to a slight or subconscious degree—alter our behavior depending on the people we’re interacting with in any given circumstance.
As a prime example, and one that certainly makes sense to readers, we naturally alter the words and descriptive depth we use when discussing our esoteric viewpoints with fellow practitioners, as opposed to discussing them with those completely unfamiliar with magick or earth-based spirituality. For one, those who are unfamiliar with our path, regardless of how open they are, simply won’t understand certain terminologies, ritual procedures, and so on. Instead, we then communicate with terms and concepts they comprehend. As another example, if a store manager was training an employee, they would use different terms, descriptions, and examples than they would if they were at a managerial meeting. The examples are endless, and this communicative adaptation is something we do regularly to one degree or another.
Depending on one’s routine, we all interact with a wide variety of people on a daily basis. Thus, we somewhat change our methods of interaction based on our immediate situation. This is part of life, and is nothing fake or inauthentic. However, if we become accustomed to acting a certain way, our minds may become accustomed to this behavior and the effects it produces.
Psychologically, this can be considered a reaction to positive reinforcement: if we act a certain way in life, we can get rewarded with praise, respect, or material items. In a sense, this could very easily be a throwback to our primal survival instinct, which tells us that we must remain “on top” to ensure against our demise. Hiding certain aspects of our personalities can produce a comfortable illusion of empowerment. If we know ourselves and our minds (and thus our vulnerabilities) more than others possibly could, it gives a sense of protection from the outside world. Knowing oneself is priority to the humble spiritual seeker.
The false projection of personality is illusory. Aside from instances in extreme situations, putting up a façade in life is dreadfully unhealthy. In an extreme scenario, constantly altering one’s personality is outright manipulation—not only towards others, but towards oneself! On the other end of the spectrum, never altering one’s personality or communicative methods can lead to misunderstanding and alienation. As with everything, the key is striking a balance.
What is boils down to is this: are you being yourself? Do you change the way you respond to people based on what works for them in the moment or what works for you? What are your motivations behind this? If you find yourself putting up different social masks and façades, and recognize this as being unhealthy, dishonest, or deceitful, you may want to consider performing this working.

* Stepping back & further application: *

The primary reason for performing this spell is for releasing social aspects of yourself that are not aligned to your true personality.
What are the roots for your putting up masks, walls, and façades—where did this behavior originate? How will you function without the aid of these energetic walls? How will your relationships (of all kinds) change if your personality becomes more authentic in any given situation? Will you be able to hold true to your views and emotions, even when it becomes tempting to act differently? These are some things to seriously ponder when preparing for a ritual of this sort.
This spell is a good one to perform multiple times. Additionally, constantly monitoring your daily interaction is key. When, in your daily life, you find yourself putting up one of these masks, bring awareness to the behavior and alter it accordingly. Performing this spell will not remove all these masks instantly. Instead, you must regularly and actively weave the spell’s metaphorical work into your life.


o A number of plastic masks, either full face-sized or masquerade masks. These must all be the same size, thin, and should be transparent or white. Additionally, the masks should fit comfortably on top of one another, and should have an elastic cord on the back so that you can wear them all simultaneously.
o A 3’ x 3’ black veil
o A black sharpie marker
o A yellow candle
o A stick of cedar, frankincense, or sandalwood incense

* NOTES: *

➢ I don’t normally endorse using plastic of any type in ritual work. However, these will be reused and are appropriate to the working at hand.

➢ For this spell, please be wearing no makeup or decorative jewelry.

➢ The best time to begin this spell is just before sunrise.


• Begin by casting a circle, calling the quarters, chanting or raising energy as you normally would, performing protective exercises, and altering your consciousness. Clear your mind, bring focus to your breath, and meditate for at least a few minutes. When ready, begin the spell.

• Light the candle and incense, placing the candle in front of you (elevated if possible). Sit facing the East.

• Examine the masks in your hand. See them as representations of your false personality types. Grab the marker and, on the forehead area of the first mask, write a word or short phrase that summarizes a false aspect of your personality. This should be a characteristic that you tend to overemphasize or create for yourself. You may have a habit of portraying these qualities to other people or may trick yourself into believing them to be true about yourself. This could be anything from “Yes-man,” or “Know-it-all” to “Perky and chipper” or “Unforgiving brute.” If you are familiar with sigilry, symbolism, and pictorial communication, you may wish to decorate the mask with these things rather than words alone. Whatever the case, imbue the mask with the energy of the façade.

• Repeat the exercise with each mask, assigning one characteristic or term to each. Each mask should be assigned its own individual “face.” Take plenty of time to think about your daily life, scrutinizing any possible falsities in personality that you may put up, even unconsciously.

• Once finished imbuing each mask, place them atop one another in descending order: the “mask that you wear” most frequently should be in the front, while the one you utilize the least should be in the back. Hold these masks up before you, saying,

“Hail be, guardians of the East and spirits of the Sun! Be with me as I perform this rite. To the great rising sun of Truth—the All-seeing, All-knowing King—I offer up these masks to you. These represent false aspects of my personality. These are façades I wish to diminish from my life. Blessed be the power of the Holy Rising Sun: you are God, you are Truth! Shine through illusion, shine through fear! Hear my praise, mighty Center of this Universe! Oversee this END to my masquerade.”

• Put the masks on your face, stacked on one another as they are. Cover yourself with the veil. Through the masks and veil, you should be able to see the dim light of the candle flame in front of you. Say the following,

“The guiding light of the flame before my eyes represents my true self, my pure self: that which I seek to bring to the surface.”

• Meditate for a few minutes, thinking about what you wish to accomplish with the spell. In your mind, deconstruct many of the prominent moments in which you allowed various untrue aspects of your personality to emerge. If you cry or feel frustrated, channel that energy into the masks and veil on your face.

• When ready, lift the veil and throw it behind you, shouting,

“With the parting of the veil, I begin my process of transformation!”

• Take the outermost mask from your face. Look at it and declare out loud what it represents (i.e. “this mask represents the illusion of superiority I place on myself…,” etc.). Throw the mask behind you and, while staring at the candle flame, bellow the word “Sol” six times.

• Repeat the process for all masks, one by one.

• When finished, gaze at the flame and say,

“With your infinite light, oh mighty Sun, I ask you now: align my soul to your very essence. With the glory of your radiance, may my true personality shine through illusion.

• Close the circle as you normally would, saving the masks in a hidden place, wrapped in the black veil. The masks can be reused in the future (individually or altogether) if the need arises.

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