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about this site

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A word from the designer

RavenDigitalis.com is powered by WordPress, a free and Open Source web publishing platform, created by and for the community. This being my first WP-based website, i have to say that it really was built on the shoulders of giants. Many thanks go out to all the bloggers, programmers, plugin designers, and more generally, thanks to all those who share their knowledge and insight freely.


i’m used to doing everything myself, so because of that — not in spite of it — i’m happy to credit the creators of the plugins used here:

FAlbum – from RandomByte

Cleanly integrates Flickr photos, photosets and slideshows into any WP site.

Adhesive – from Red Alt

Allows specific entries to stay at the top of the list.

Filosofo Old-Style Upload – from Il Filosofo

Restores the original WP upload feature.

Search Everything – from Scattered

Expands the search capabilities of a site to include practically everything.

MoonPhase – from the Diary of a Network Geek

A close-at-hand module for planning full moon escapades.

Akismet – from Automattic

Honestly i’ve never actually dealt with comment-spam. But then again, this plugin has been running here from the get-go.

When Posting a Comment

You can use these XHTML tags:

<a href=""
<a href="http://www.wikipedia.org"

<abbr title=""> <abbr title="les amis de mes
amis sont mes amis">ladmasma</abbr>

<acronym title=""> <acromyn title="Hunter
S Thompson">HST</acronym>

<b> <b>bold</b>
<blockquote cite=""> <blockquote cite="Raven">quoted

<code> <code>html, etc.</code>
html, etc.
<em> <em>wine lean</em>
wine lean
<i> <i>Italics</i>
<strike> <strike>strikethough</strike>
<strong> <strong>almost as bold as strong</strong>
almost as bold
as strong


    An article on web feeds at Wikipedia.

URL for RDF/RSS 1.0 feed

URL for RSS 2.0 feed

URL for Atom feed

To track the comments on a particular post (provided that post allows comments), you can follow the RSS 2.0 link below the article, or simply add /feed to the end of the URL. For example, the comments on http://www.ravendigitalis.com/wp/pantheacon07 can be found at http://www.ravendigitalis.com/wp/pantheacon07/feed

Browser Compatibility

This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer or FireFox. If this website displays poorly in your browser of choice, please e-mail them and tell them that while there’s apparently no Program, they all still need to get with it.

Some pictures are being pulled from flickr.com. If you’re using FireFox, and don’t think that all pictures are being displayed — but wish they would — please go to Tools > Options > Web Features, and ensure that “Load Images / for the originating website only” is unchecked.

Special Thanks

Huge thanks go out to Elyse Busenbark, for her keen eye, spot-on advice, and her patient critique of the initial mock-ups.

And of course, much gratitude to both Raven and Estha for being, and being who they are.


  web designer



4 comments on “About this Site”

  1. ZireeBLoseDer says:

    What is bumburbia?

  2. donadroky says:

    Hi all!

    As a fresh http://www.ravendigitalis.com user i only wanted to say hello to everyone else who uses this site :>

  3. rhian says:

    everytime i come to this site, i find something knew! love ya, Raven!!! and i can’t put Goth Craft down!!!

  4. Kate La Trobe says:

    What a fantastic-looking website! Very clear and stylish. Fabulous images and cool format. Congratulations!

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