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OAO Coven Facebook profile!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Add us up! :) Namaste! ~OAO~

A (mostly complete) report: Shadow Magick tour 2008!

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Hey all! How do you do? Thanks for wanting to read my ramblings. I’m back and settling back into the daily grind, following my big book tour promoting my second book, Shadow Magick Compendium (which, I might add, is *not* at all Goth-focused and is notably deeper, more spiritually directed and diverse than my first book—things that some readers have reported liking about it). After the tour, I was (more…)

BOOK TOUR 2007: An official report

Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Well well well well well! Here I am… yes, alive, living, breathing, Being. Currently just finished raking some gorgeous autumn leaves in the front lawn, listening to a DJ Haywire mix (np: Atari Teenage Riot!), and trying to get my thoughts organized (or ‘organised’ as they spell it overseas) and my week planned based on things on my f’ing ENDLESS “to do” list. One of which is finding a good job… Another of which is writing this blog/book tour report. I also have to get groceries, clean the fish tank, do some touch-ups on book #2 (Shadow Magick Compendium), clean the bathrooms, organize the house, take recycling, sort books, sort CDs, catch up on e-mails (HUNDREDS, AAH), and perform some rituals I’m falling behind on. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear all about my mundane existence (woe), so onward with the official tour report:

CHICAGO ~ Chicago itself, as a city, appeared to me as a big, consuming machine: everyone and everything being sorted, rushed, labeled, shipped, plastic-wrapped, and made a cog of the empirical infrastructure. Yeah; not such a good experience. Estha (my Priestess/partner) and I went here for GothicFest. Truth be told, (more…)

Mercury… Rx AGAIN?!

Sunday, September 23rd, 2007

Thoth! Why do you do this?! Silly ibis. It turns out that Mercury will be Retrograde EXACTLY during the dates of my book tour. LOL!!!! I’ll be doing some serious prayers to Mercury/Thoth/Djeuti/Hermes/Woden/etc to attune to this so it doesn’t kick my arse. It will instead be utilized for magickal purposes!! (See the ‘mooncat astrology’ link to the right for more current astro info)

Anyway, MERRY DAY/NIGHT OF EQUAL BALANCE (autumnal equinox)!!

~OakRaven~ x

Convergence 13 in Portland–full report!

Wednesday, June 6th, 2007

Well, we are back from the fantastic Convergence 13 gathering in Portland! It was a wonderful event and much fun was had by all. I drove up with Estha and Erasmus. They were great car-company and we took turns playing musick. I have a difficult time traveling (flying or driving); it’s just unavoidably uncomfortable. It’s great once the destination is reached, but I don’t understand how people can enjoy the traveling process itself! Maybe I get hung up on the uncomfortableness. Either way, we met up with Madeline, Sky, Steph, and Luke at the event. The three of us carpoolers stayed at the Hilton in downtown Portland… very cramped and not much ventilation (all at an outrageous price, even with the convention discount), but it worked. Anyway, I won’t start this off as a bitch-fest, because the trip as a whole was great! It was my first ever Goth-industrial convention. It was a bit smaller than I expected, but I suppose that was actually a good thing. Also, to be perfectly honest, I don’t have enough photos to compile a proper photo gallery of the event. There were a few, and I’ve posted (more…)

Just a procrastination

Monday, May 7th, 2007

This is my first blog that has no purpose whatever. Just needed a 3-minute break from this insane essay. This is sooooo in-depth, my brain’s about to explode.

Gunnu just drink some British tea and (more…)

Beltane 2007

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

Hello! Thanks for readin’ my mindstreamings. Beltane this year was a particularly wonderful experience. For those unfamiliar with Beltane (I post my infrequent blogs in like 3 different places), here is some info copied-n-pasted from my running manuscript for book #2, where it briefly reviews the Wiccan/Neopagan holy days (the Sabbats):

Also called: Bealtaine, Beltaine, May Day, Roodmas, Walburga, Walpurgis, Hexennacht, Carodejnice.
Observed: May 1st
Type: Major Sabbat, Cross-Quarter Day
Astrological degree: 15˚ Taurus
Origin: Celtic Europe
God aspect: The Oak King as the (more…)

PantheaCon 2007, San Jose, CA

Friday, February 23rd, 2007

Well, here’s the report and reflections of my experience at this year’s PantheaCon: A Gathering of the Tribes. This was my first P-Con, and I thank all my author (and non-author) friends and the folks at Llewellyn for encouraging me to go; I hadn’t heard enough good things about the convention. I’ll be sure to bring Estha next year; finances have been a bit rough for us lately so I was on my lonesome this round–but it was, of course, meant to be, and turned out being an immensely personal healing experience.

I’m glad I decided to go despite my fears of going into such a new territory. I suppose I’ve become accustomed to judgements and criticism (and recently, slanderous lies spread about myself and friends) around town. The Con was so refreshing in that I witnessed nobody arguing with each other or saying hurtful things about other people. It was all spiritual conversation, merriment, teaching, learning, celebration, and ritualism. In many ways, the whole convention was pure and progressive. I even handed out about 100 flyers for my book (comes out in September) and gave some very reassuring/helpful tarot readings to quite a few people (a couple of who allowed themselves to cry and Release).

I went to some incredible workshops there, including one by Christopher Penczak on invocation/godform assumption/possession; an empowering Feri exercise/teachings by T. Thorn Coyle; a lecture on (more…)