New video interview posted :) with MagickTV

Interview conducted in June ’08, Denver, CO (International New Age Trade Show), by Ed of the Correllian Tradition. With my Priestess Estha McNevin:

(note: I was very sleep-deprived… and Estha is an amazing speaker!)

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2 comments on “New video interview posted :) with MagickTV”

  1. Mamallama says:

    Awesome interview…on both your parts! You are both so well-spoken. It’s fabulous!!!!!!

  2. Natasha says:

    Hi Collin!,

    I just wanted to say this is a grand vid and, and…you and your Priestess are angels! (I think y’all are, yes, I can feel y’all’s energy. ) Congratulations to you for doing what you love for a living…I think this is so important. Blessed Be! AUM NAMA SHIVAYA! Happy New Year (well, American New Year anyhow…)!

    Only Love!,

    P.S. I don’t know much about the darkness, but have a very open mind…always have had. Yes, it (darkness) is but one side of the coin, for the Universe is one of Duality. I just wanted to say thank you for presenting the darkness in a positive light and thank you for being such a loving soul! Speading positivity is a beautiful thing…
    P.P.S. I might check out that New Age tradeshow sometime, since I will be moving to Boulder… Looks like it could be fun. :0) Tata for now… PEACE OUT! ;0)

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