OMG, A BLOG! ( Re: Paradox, Art, updates, & a sample Spell for indecision )

Well, my lovely publicist said that it’s about time I write a new blog (the ones on Amazon and my website are severely outdated). I’m not quite sure why I have an aversion to blog-writing. Maybe it’s connected to my frequent lack of email correspondence (or, I should say, email *responding* skills!). Maybe it has something to do with my introverted aspects (which have been more present lately), or maybe it’s because I put a heavy amount of my spiritual/philosophical/esoteric musings and information in my *books* (and find the Internet to be a more superficial/ephemeral medium than printed media–though its influence is indeed far-reaching!), or maybe it’s directly linked to one of my other current life challenges, which is Time. Time management and having ‘enough of it’ in this busy life, to be specific. Though I know that, ultimately, time is an illusion (the only real “time” is the ever-present Now), it is, paradoxically, an undeniable reality. {{{Which is why I would be absolutely and officially insane if it wasn’t for my day-planner!}}} Time does not exist, yet simultaneously exists. I’ve found that increased spiritual awareness can often result from the recognition of the paradoxical nature of all things in (or aspects of) Reality. *IS / IS NOT*, as a primary example. “There are no definitives,” they say, “all is subjective; all is existential.” ~*~ For me, it initially took (natural) drugs to awaken this wisdom a number of years ago. As a result, I am now able to access those planes–and that awakening–regularly, through other methods, and not necessarily with the assistance of substances (though these can still occasionally serve as a reminder, a psycho/logical therapy, or re-connector). Gnosis… the mystical connection… the realization of PARADOX = ALL… a state of God-connection… this can be honed and accessed in so many ways, and everyone’s ability, need, and depth of connection is different. (I discuss this more in my second book–Shadow Magick Compendium–which is still my favourite book I’ve written, even more than the forthcoming tome of Rituals.) What good is life if it excludes spiritual connection? From my observation, a lack of mystical connection can lead people to extreme depression and stagnation in life. It can lead to becoming hung up–even obsessed–with the temporal; the insignificant; the illusory. Even if we believe we have completely found our path and know precisely how to live our spirituality, those beliefs and modes of operation become stagnant if they’re not constantly questioned, clarified, and/or redefined. Perhaps it comes down to: is your life a process of mutual benefit? That is: are you constantly evolving yourself, challenging yourself, and consistently embracing LOVE? Dually, are you inspiring this in others? Helping those around you (in person, online, artistically) the best you possibly can? Is your EGO (which carries both progressive and destructive attributes, and is ultimately necessary to function) kept in constant check? Are you aware of your mind moment-to-moment? Are you aware of how others perceive, process, and interact with you (additionally, are you giving too much or too little energy to others’ judgments of your character?)? Is the pure and humble Love of Self, Others, Earth, and Existence your priority, or are these thoughts fleeting–perhaps even being allowed to be replaced with mundane/insignificant judgments of your own? (Where Earth is concerned: Do you honour the tides of the Natural World, both Lunar and Solar? Do you Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse? Do you support the local farming community, organic foods, and local businesses?) Are you living a fulfilled life, or is actual fulfillment always a distant goal? What can be changed, altered (even ALTARed), and modified in your life so that it can be a constant process of benefit to yourself and those around you? ~*~ Because I’ve been moderately obsessed with Tori Amos lately, I’m being reminded of something she said in a Boys for Pélé-era interview, which is along the lines of the fact that the pure, artistic creative process can, for some, be akin to seeing an infinite silver ray descending from the cosmos, into the crown chakra of the artist, and channeled out into a “form” of some sort (piece of art, music, book, performance, film, poetry, etc.) — This process is so therapeutic; we all have the capability of expressing ourselves in so many different ways. All Art is Magick, and all Magick is Art (to paraphrase Crowley). I have certainly been experiencing this lately, in spurts (when depression is risen above, or at least recognized for what it is, the upper energies {higher frequencies} open quite naturally) Our ancestors have always known this. The individual,,, the personality,,, the “I”,,, the ego (in whatever sense) also embodies the dualism I mentioned earlier: Self exists, yet is an illusion. (And therefore, Buddhist teachings of not becoming *attached* to any idea, sensation, person, substance, thing, or behaviour is particularly relevant.) We have our forms/frames/shells/identities for so many reasons. Detaching from our defenses–our silly self-definitions–can propel our spiritual evolution. Opening ourselves to the creative forces–and we are ALL creators, whether we know it or not–and somewhat surrendering the outermost, idealistic layers of “Self” can open that channel. Though, the Self and its emotions (including that aforementioned depression!) cannot be entirely neglected in the creative process: even the most divinely-inspired work carries a piece of the artist. If you create something that forges the bridge between the Self and Spirit, such as Art centered around purging and transforming, that bridge will continue to strengthen for oneself (and ideally others) in everyday life. ~*~ In addition to my own struggles with depression and time management (I’m not afraid to admit these things), some personal updates include: * My local Coven’s rituals, both public and private, are increasingly rewarding. The tradition is evolving at a wonderful pace, and I’m blessed to know, love, and work with everyone I do. I am also unspeakably grateful to all my readers, friends, and fans. * I’m pleased to have been recently elevated to the Sixth Mark (level/”degree”/step) of the OAO tradition — what a blessing! Much work to be done, both in and out, above and below. * I’ve recently finished my forthcoming 3rd book, “Planetary Spells & Rituals: Dark & Light Magick Aligned with the Cosmic Bodies,” which shall be released in March 2010! * The book after that will be a unique horror fiction anthology! Stay tuned :D * The book after that is currently top secret, and will be well worth the wait; it carries so much of that spiritual inspiration I was mentioning–it seems to be forming itself and wanting to come through me at a relentless pace! * There’s a clipping from my 2nd book in the newest issue of the fabulous MetaCreative Magazine; it can be viewed here: * To find other archived interviews and radio programs, just Google me up! * I’ll try to keep people more updated about my radio interviews, online interviews, book tour dates, and so on. The best place to see updates about these things is my MySpace: * I’m about to eat some great Italian food… though my heart remains in Chinese cuisine! * My Priestess Estha McNevin is nearly finished with her first book, “All Around the Hedge” (Llewellyn), which focuses on community development, magickal/alchemical baking, cottage-crafting, and hedge-crafting, all attuned to the Wheel of the Year. It’s amazing, and it comes out in April 2010! * I’m always scheduling Tarot readings, and more people seem to be in need of them lately (I’m so happy to help!), so for more information visit * To complete this blog, I’ll post an excerpt from the forthcoming Spellbook. Why? Why not! People have asked me to post more excerpts lately, and I’m happy to do so (and my publishers thankfully allow small promotional clippings to be posted!). I have a feeling that this particular spell (or some of its ideas within) may be pertinent to some readers. It is one of the simpler (“more simple?”) workings in the book, and is aligned to the Moon as a cosmic force. * Thanks all for reading these ramblings… and I think I’ve figured out the answer to my original question: I must be averted to blogging because there’s always SO much that can be said — and it’s so difficult to choose (or realize) what it is that SHOULD be said! Conundrum! :D I’ll try to post at least somewhat more regularly! * Blessed Be always,


*** The Crossroads at Midnight: A Ritual For Indecision & Path-Choosing ***

When looming decisions rule our thoughts, it can benefit us to utilize magick for the purpose of discovering the best possible course of action. Indecision can be a heavy weight. Not knowing what to do with oneself can lead to all varieties of anxiety. Following through on one path or another can be damaging if the person isn’t fully committed or sure of themselves. This spell can help the caster come to learn their destined route and grow
secure in the decision.
Spiritually and mythologically, the term “crossroads” can refer to a number of things. The best way to analyze the term is by understanding the symbolism: two crossing roads, or a fork in the road, signifies two paths. These paths can be spiritually seen as those which intersect “this” with “that.” These polarities can represent any two differing ideas, paths, or realms. The most popular idea are the perception of the crossroads being an intersection between this world and the faerie world. Other cultures have long viewed the crossroads as gateways between the realm of the living and that of the dead. Others view the crossroads as the intersection between good and evil forces. Mythologically, the Greek goddess Hecate and god Hermes seem to be those most prevalently associated with the crossroads. Numerous African gods (in Vodou and other systems) have crossroad associations. In Hoodoo, many practitioners view the crossroads not only as a boundary between worlds, but a place where magickal spells can be placed or buried either for the purpose of fixing/sealing them or destroying an enemy’s curse. This may be due to the fact that the crossed roads form an “X,” or because the roads are assumed to be frequently traveled on (thus carrying forth or “stomping down” energies).
One can utilize the intersection of two paths for a variety of purposes. Because some lunar deities have crossroad associations, as well as because the crossroads are generally visited for magickal work during the hours of night, the symbolism is frequently aligned with the moon. Just as the moon is the illuminated eye in the darkened sky, so may this spell provide the practitioner with the clarity to find their way.

* Stepping back & further application: * ~~~ You are finding yourself at a crossroads in life for a reason. For starters, one must step back from their mental turmoil to see something for what it really is. Is the decision a really big deal, or are you somewhat blowing it out of proportion? Is the choice black or white, or is there actually a balanced middle-ground that outweighs the two choices? Are there more options in the situation to be considered, and are the options necessarily mutually exclusive?
Sometimes the answer to difficult questions have the most simple solution. Sometimes the answer is already known, and the seeker is just looking for the confirmation they need. This spell can work in that regard. However, be open to the possibility of receiving messages that contradict your opinions or expectations. Objectivity is a necessity when analyzing or divinating on a situation, whether it’s your own or someone else’s.


* 4 fresh, organic apples
* Chiastolite, saturolite, or another “cross stone”
* A combination of lavender, honey (or honey powder), and myrrh
* Your most accurate deck of Tarot cards or other divinatory tool
* An athamé or knife


Ø This spell is designed to be performed at a crossroads. It is best to find two intersecting dirt roads or paths in nature. I’ve found the most ideal crossroad locations to be cemeteries, parks, and mountain trails. Also, the spell is best performed at midnight or 3am while the moon is full. Finally, be sure that you are alone and undisturbed.

Ø If you are used to working with deities of the crossroads (Hecate, for example), you may wish to additionally call on their assistance for this spell. Don’t forget to bring proper offerings!

Ø The colors red and black are traditionally associated with the crossroads in Africa. It would be ideal to wear these colors when performing the spell.


· Begin by casting a circle, calling the quarters, chanting or raising energy as you normally would, performing protective exercises, and altering your consciousness. While sitting in the middle of the crossroads, clear your mind, bring focus to your breath, and meditate for at least a few minutes. When ready, begin the spell.

· Place one apple on each intersecting road. Make sure that the fifth apple is either standing upright on the “cross stone” next to you, or is resting on the stone while sat in your lap. On this fifth apple, take your athamé and carve an X on one side and a Y on the other.

· Now that the apples surround you in a square shape, raise your hands and, either closing your eyes or gazing at the moon, whisper,

“Gods, ancestors, spirits, devas, fae… those who guard and protect the crossroads… I summon your presence and ask you to bear witness to this divination. Guide me in my way, guard me in my path—may I know the route I am meant to take. Utter the answers I seek. Whisper solutions in my ear. Possess my mind not with glamour, but with solutions. So mote it be.”

· At this point, you may call forth any crossroad-associated deities you wish to work with. If you work with any spirit guides or spirit animal helpers, summon their aid. After this, declare,

“The question I have is this: ___[state your dilemma]___. What path shall I take?”

· Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Take note of anything applicable that you might hear. After a few moments, say,

“If I was to take the road of ____[state one possibility]____, what would be the result?”

· Quiet your mind and listen for any answers or signs around you. The wind may pick up, an apple might fall over, a car might blare its horn, and so on. Take note of any synchronicity and determine whether or not it’s divine communication. After a few moments, draw a Tarot card or divine with the tool of your choice. Take note of any messages you may receive. Be careful to read the signs not in the way that you wish to see them, but in the way that the spirits intend.

· Repeat the two previous steps for as many “possible solutions” you have in mind. When you’ve divined on each potential outcome, say the following,

“Are there additional possibilities in this situation—those which I have not previously considered?”

· Again, listen to the signs and divine for as long as you need. Eat the apple in front of you and meditate on the messages received. Try blurring your eyes and gazing into the “cross stone” in order to see if any additional messages are waiting to be scryed.

· At this point, you should have a more clear direction of the path you should walk. If you didn’t get a direct answer of the best possible outcome, take note of the messages you received and continue to practice “informed contemplation” until you make the decision (or realize the decision, I should say).

· Thank all entities present for their assistance in your ritual and close the circle as you normally would. For offerings, leave the apples where they are, placing the core in the center. Without looking back, walk away from the crossroads the way from which you came.

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  1. liz says:

    thankyou for the blessing to perform your spell to ask for answers to situations i am facibg alone. how do i cast acircle and hiw do i close a circle? i am fairly new to this in as i am shruggibg if those comments that have put me of from realising my true potential in my life. i have always felt comfortable in certain situations where others have shat themselves funny liked your comments regarding certain aspects of your site. glad tidings to you and estha from liz x

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