Teenage photo art

Oh teenagehood!

Here are some creative black & white photographs produced back in the late-90s/early-2000s. A relic! A time-capsule from the past! Entertaining, no? :)






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  1. Nickolaus A. Pacione says:

    I think you should edit an anthology and use one of your photographs for the cover of the thing. Don’t play the anthology up like Goth Craft though, play it up like Tabloid Purposes or Darkened Horizons: Issue 3. I do photography too but don’t really screw around with nudity because of my Christian convictions.

  2. Damien Neese says:

    Amazing photos .very cool . Blessed be.

  3. Mark Parry aka Aspergika says:

    Hi there Raven-D. Nice site and excelent pics. I live in the UK, and often feel as if I was born in the wrong place of time. Check out my Blog Site, as I’m totally in love with Gothic females. It’s just something about them dressed in Black. I have Asperger’s and find it awkward to mix, and socialize with neurotypes. Goths seem to be right up my street though. I have always loved Gothic images of all kinds. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  4. Kaelin Jett says:

    Keep up the great work Raven! :) I can’t wait to come to Twigs and Brews when yu open it :)

  5. onyx paradox pranxtor says:

    awesome photos master digitalis.

  6. Alex A. says:

    wonderfully dark and uniquely bold!

  7. Silver Tourmaline says:

    I love these, most of them look amazingly professional, there’s so much depth to them, as always there’s room for improvement but perfection is boring!

  8. GypsyPanther says:

    I like your work a great deal. I have also been reading up on OAO and it calls to me. Keep up the wonderful work.


  9. chance says:

    ok first off good work. partly. some could be more…put together than many. the one i have most ideas about is “gateway” please start giving a discripyion of what was running through your mind at that moment or something you like left many hanging. just a comment. but still love love love your work!!!!!!

  10. ladymoonsparow says:

    love your art u capture the true soul

  11. midnight says:

    Dark beauty!! you’ve perfectly captured the spooky beauty of photography. and beacause of goth craft i better understand myself and other things mentioned in goth craft.Thanx!! BTW i luv ur myspace and have discoverd other bands as well. i thank the universe 4 your existance

  12. Perks says:

    Hey i love the site and the photos…i just bought your book GothCraft, and it has helped me understand my lifestyle choices and religion so much better!
    Thank you Raven!

  13. augarma foxglove says:

    hope to see you in twin cities MN in ’08 ,pagan pride, Great Work !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Rave says:

    Your photos are amazing, very creative.

    ~Rave Silvercat

  15. Katrina says:

    hey! i love these photographs…you should sell signed prints!

  16. Exhumed says:

    your photography is beautiful. The blends of black and white are spectacular. I’m envious.lmao
    My photo teacher would love you.
    i especially love your portraits…a.k.a most of the pictures. you really know how to capture the emotion and the eyes of your models really stand out. its quite inspirational.

  17. Lady Silver says:

    Raven this pictures are FABULOUS!!! Am a big black and white fan as well. Wish we lived closer together, I’d get you to do some pics for us if we did!

    Blessings, LS

  18. Arsenika says:

    i really like ur pictures

  19. Korynthya says:

    Excellent work. B/W captures what color destroys.

  20. Magenta says:

    I adore your pictures, you capture the essence so well. I am still pretty much a virgin photographer, but I am getting better. Who needs colour when you have black n white…….

  21. aireathiel says:

    Good Work! You have some Masterpeices tucked in there, but..you know that don’t you ;)
    Monochrome is my favorite medium too.
    ..Isn’t it strange..when in a world of riotous colour, our best work turns out B&W

  22. DJ Heart says:

    great work
    great eye for composition
    love infrared

  23. Christian says:

    my compliments on the pictures. they look great.

    keep it up.

  24. Ursula Stiff says:

    your work makes me feel as though im looking into fragments of your dreams… they seems so mystical. Its Great!!!!

  25. Zanoni says:

    Love it! Great Site!

    But WHY are there no pictures of me in your gallery? LOL Psyche. Z

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