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Raven Digitalis and Estha McNevin
Photo by Chad Harder,
Missoula Independent

About Raven & Estha

Raven and Estha, both Montana natives, came together in 2003, finding unique common interests in NeoPaganism, Hinduism, Witchcraft and Occultism. Drawing on Estha’s training in British Traditional Wicca (and studies in Hinduism) and Raven’s training in Georgian Traditional Wicca (and studies in Buddhism), the two merged to create a multicultural nonprofit Pagan temple in Missoula called Opus Aima Obscurae. The organization offers between 5 and 15 public events on a monthly basis, depending on the season. Regular hands-on educational workshops include activities such as organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, animal husbandry, old-world cooking, international/holiday baking, cross-cultural arts, candle-making, soap-making, canning, food preservation, camping retreats, children’s events, global tea service, beading, weaving, sewing, divination, yoga, healing practices, herbalism and ongoing educational courses. In addition to large public gatherings that celebrate global agricultural festivals, OAO offers a men’s group and women’s group that gather monthly to celebrate astrological holidays.


To serve as a ceremonial space and resource center for the study of global earth-based spirituality by offering a creative multicultural environment for the practice of public ritual, humanities education and community-supported agriculture.

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SERVICES offered by Raven Digitalis & Estha McNevin:

Tarot readings & divination
Private spiritual consultation
Couples’ spiritual counseling
Guided meditation & visualization
Personal Rites of Passage
Private Puja (Ganesha, Shiva, Shakti/Durga)
Handfasting & marriage ceremonies (Please inquire for more information.)
Spellcraft advice (NOT casting) (spells/components can be mailed)
House cleansing & land blessing
Spirit banishing, curse-removal & exorcism
Child blessing & Wiccaning
Chakra and aura cleansing
Shamanic soul retrieval
Death, mourning & releasing rituals
Cooking & baking classes (Estha)
Editorial services (Raven)
Past-life readings (Estha)
Empathic healing (Raven)