Services (Tarot, etc.)

Please contact me if I can provide you with a Tarot reading, spiritual consultation, or any other spiritual service you may need (please see list below). I can perform readings/consultations in person, on the phone, over Skype, Facetime, and even via email.

Services include:*

Tarot reading & divination (Thoth Deck)
Private spiritual consultation
Couples’ spiritual counseling
Guided meditation & visualization
Personal Rites of Passage
Private Puja (Ganesha, Shiva, Shakti/Durga)
Handfasting & marriage ceremonies (Please inquire for more information.)
Spellcraft advice (NOT casting) (spells/components can be mailed)
House cleansing & land blessing
Spirit banishing, curse-removal & exorcism
Child blessing & Wiccaning
Chakra and aura cleansing
Shamanic soul retrieval
Death, mourning & releasing rituals
Cooking & baking classes (Estha)
Editorial services (Raven)
Past-life readings (Estha)
Empathic healing (Raven)

~ “I’ve had several readings done by Raven and I have to say that no other psychic that I’ve been to has EVER been so right on! Everything he’s told me came true and everything that has happened he was able to see without my saying a word. I’ve never experienced that before. He also doesn’t tell me simply what I want to hear, a HUGE plus, because it drives me crazy when I know that someone is doing that. I highly recommend a reading by him.” -Madeline Martin

~ “I must say, Raven Digitalis did a reading for me, and I was in a very very anxious state, he predicted more correctly, more precisely, than any other tarot reading I have ever had, and I am totally happy with it, and I highly, HIGHLY recommend if you need a reading to tell him. He is so very nice as well, which never hurts when you are worried!” -Francie Darnell

~ “I find that tarot is a tool for me to connect to the energy of the universe, and Raven’s amazing ability to translate the cards and read the energy is tremendously helpful. He enables me to understand where I am at on my path through this life, apply the message that is coming through the cards, and at this point focus on my own spiritual energy for self-healing, improvement and eventually empowerment.” -Denise Bartone

~ “I am still astonished at how applicable the information my recent reading entailed. It provided considerable evidence for the existence of a divine path that can be discerned and interpreted. The Tarot are to me doubtlessly enlightening and my experience so far with Raven has given great credence to his endeavors. If you have doubt, I advise against it.” -Mike Doerner